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You’ll Either Love or Hate What Ted Cruz had to say about Deflategate!

On Saturday May 30, 2015, Ted Cruz visited the home of Massachusetts State Representative Jim Lyons (R-Andover) in Andover, Massachusetts.  After his introduction, he wanted to get one thing off his chest, to the rabid group of Patriots’ fans.  The words came from one Texas Patriot, to Patriots Nation.

Cruz started his speech with, “Tom Brady was framed. Now I’m not willing to pander on much, but on that Tom Brady was framed! and I will say this, I have it on good authority that Hillary Clinton did it.  Why do you think she deleted her emails?”

While this was a smart move, in front of a crowd of hearty New Englanders, it remains to be seen what this will do to Cruz’s numbers in Indiana.

If you want to see what Cruz was doing in Massachusetts, read my commentary at Red Mass Group.

What do you think of Cruz’s statement?  Let me know in the comments.


Featured Photo Credit: © Rob Eno 2015, and Flickr Jeffrey Beall

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Rob Eno

Rob Eno

  • Phinneus

    Cruz should have left it alone….made more enemies than friends… For some time I had been a daily watcher of Fox News ‘The Five’. No more! Their ignorant, slanted, ‘comical’ view of the situation with Brady had me deleting that show for ever. Wonder how many others did the same. Seems the self righteous phony Bob Beckle, always bragging about his defeating his addictions, has wound up back in rehab. after sucking on too many pain pills.

  • DINORightMarie

    Love this! 😉 Funny, and very much aware that it will tweak the MSM and lefties. 😉

    Love Ted Cruz!! He is the real deal – the only politician I trust (as I watch him like a hawk, like all pols).

    • Left Hook

      Yeah Cruz is real funny if you are a Conservative Geek/Loser which most of you are, I’m sure this is a riot.

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