You won’t meet a nicer politician than Louie Gohmert

When you are in the line of work that I am, namely writing, researching and bloviating about politics, you meet a lot of politicians and powerful people.  I have had the pleasure of meeting congressmen, U.S. Senators, presidential candidates, captains of industry, and many other powerful people.  Last night, I met one of those people, who also happens to be the one of the most down to earth people I’ve ever met.

Congressman Louie Gohmert came to Boston last evening to talk to the Renew Massachusetts Coalition, a pro-family organization in Massachusetts – in full disclosure run by my roommate.  I was immediately struck by whom Congressman Gohmert gravitated to. It wasn’t the monied interests, or the older folks – like myself – who were at the event. No, it was the young folks scattered among the crowd.  At one particular point when a group of high school students were getting ready to leave, Gohmert abruptly stopped talking to some of us old folks to make sure he spent time with these kids, to thank them for what they are doing for the country.  It immediately struck me as a very classy thing to do.

The media often portrays people like Congressman Gohmert as bomb throwers, and all of the negative baggage that goes with that.  To be sure the Congressman is a committed conservative, as is evident by his 94% Liberty Score over at Conservative Review.  That doesn’t mean he isn’t one of the most pleasant people I’ve had the opportunity to spend an evening with.

A group of us met up with the Congressman, after the event, and had a very pleasant hour or so of conversation on a variety of topics.  They ranged from jokes told by Antonin Scalia, to terrorism, and more light hearted conversation.  Mark Mezzina, a young liberty activist from Massachusetts, summed up our conversation with the congressman best, “I was struck by the fact that our worldviews were so different, but we still arrived at the same positions on virtually every issue. That’s what happens when you care about the Constitution. Thank god he’s in Congress.”

That is what you get with Congressman Gohmert, a man who you can disagree with on certain issues, but he won’t be disagreeable.

As we were leaving, I mentioned to the Congressman that I will be in his district in mid July.  He gave his condolences for the heat, but I then asked where I should go ea while travelling between Dallas and Lafayette, Louisiana.  After regaling me with his rib making prowess – look it up on Google, it’s legendary – he told me the “best ribs you will ever eat” are at The Country Tavern in Kilgore Texas.  I’ll be there.

If you have the chance to meet the congressman, make sure you do.  It will be a thoroughly enjoyable time.  But until you do, take a look at his PAC, and help him help the country.

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