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My new winning battle with weight

Weight has been a constant struggle for me since I entered college.  I’m a tall guy, 6’4″, with a slight frame, that packs on the weight.  When I entered college I weighed 215 lbs, then I put on the freshman 50, yes not five but fifty.  It has been a struggle ever since.  But this time, I’m winning.

Three years ago, amidst a job I was not that thrilled with, I was diagnosed with diabetes.  Those that knew me then, saw me lose a ton of weight, from 370 lbs down to 315 without trying.  That was the diabetes, you lose weight with untreated diabetes as you can’t process sugar and your body uses your fat stores.  I got my weight under control, down to about 280, but I was not in a good state of mind, and stopped treatment for diabetes and gained back to about 340 lbs as of 2013.

After being laid off and finding some really great clients, my mental health really improved.  But I still didn’t take care of my body.  I was still not treated for the type 2 diabetes that was ravaging my body, and that was stupid.  The diabetic weight loss started again, coupled with a really bad bout of pneumonia I got down to 320.5 lbs in the beginning of February of 2015.  That’s when I went to the doctor.

I’ve since gotten my blood sugars under control, from 360 to 110 on average.  So now I’m not going to die.  Once that happened I focused on weight loss.  I did my own thing at first, cut out sugar and tried portion control, and I lost an additional 10 lbs in about a month and a half.  That’s when I decided to get serious.

I installed the MyFitnessPal app from Under Armour on my Android phone (Google Play, iTunes).  Using this app my weight loss has been dramatic.  On average, since I’ve started 2 lbs a week.  Most importantly it is easy, like a game.

Once you put in your daily activity level – I suggest sedentary – and your height. It tells you how many calories you can eat every day.  It then adjusts those calories as you enter your weight loss.  I started with 2140 calories a day that I could eat, and am now down to 1900 calories a day.  You may say, but you are 6’4″ how can you eat 1900 calories a day.  Let me tell you it has been easy.

Staying under 1900 calories has been relatively easy, and satisfying.  It really is all about portion control, and this app makes it easy.  They have an extensive database of food, and you can scan in bar codes.  Just measure out the portions and you’ll lose the weight.

Some of my favorite foods, that are relatively low calorie, and satisfy my sweet tooth are: Kashi’s Sea Salt, Dark Chocolate and Almond Bars, Polly-O Non-Fat String Cheese, and the small single serving ice creams you can get at the supermarket.  With these small items you can feel like you are eating what you love, but still be eating relatively healthy.

If I can do this, go from 340 lbs to 289 lbs, as of this morning, you can too.  The added benefit is you’ll feel like a million bucks.  I do.  Only 64 more lbs to go for me.

Will you join my team at MyFitnessPal? If you do, we can keep each other accountable.  Just follow the link here to my profile.

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Rob Eno

Rob Eno